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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Illegal Immigrants Get Free Pass

Here is another example of what is going wrong in our society. Police in San Francisco will no longer impound cars of first time drivers pulled over without a license. The reason being is that most unlicensed drives are illegal immigrants. Its a little bit more then bizarre to me.
Instead of making it more difficult for illegals to live here we are actually accommodating them which encourages and raises the hopes of these immigrants to stay here illegally.
Most unlicensed illegal immigrants also don't have car insurance. Does that mean the police will also ignore no insurance also? Also what will happen when these drivers hit someone and injure them with no insurance? Someone's going to have to pay and it probably won't be the driver without insurance.
What is more absurd is that a unlicensed driver gets another free pass if he isn't stopped again in six months. A driver gets stopped today for no license and gets stopped again after six months they let the driver go again. So the city loses money in license fees, ticket fees and more then likely there is no insurance involved. I guess San Francisco is doing well enough not to need these fees.
Carol Grifford, public relations manager for AAA Carolinas said “unlicensed drivers are among the greatest safety threats on the highways” with 807 fatal accidents just in South Carolina between 2001-2005 to have involved unlicensed drivers.
Here are some examples of the tragedy of unlicensed illegals driving:

Here is a excellent article from a police officers viewpoint on the unbelievable problems he's had in trying to get unlicensed illegals off the street. Police Officers View
I'm just not against illegals driving without a license (even though arresting illegals for driving without a license would be a good tool to combat illegal immigration) but anyone driving without a license. We say one thing in wanting to curb illegal immigration but we say another thing when we accommodate and encourage them.

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