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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Man up Alan Grayson

In this day and age people throw around the word holocaust for shock value because of course the first thing that comes to a person's mind is the WWII holocaust that killed over 6 millions Jews.
Rep. Alan Grayson knew this when he called no health care “America's holocaust” after he made the announcement that “Republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick”.
Well I consider myself a Republican as is a very large percentage of the people living here in the United States. So I guess Grayson was referring to almost half of the population wanting to see sick people die.
I haven't heard Obama or any other democratic leaders rebuking this man. Some people are comparing his remark to Joe Wilson's shout at President Obama “you Lie” during the President's speech. It was a bonehead thing to do. Joe Wilson apologized for the remark that should never have been made while the president was speaking. It was to say the least boorish behavior.
Alan Grayson on the other hand went beyond boorish behavior when he said Republican's want to see sick people die. He knows, I know and every reader knows he don't believe what he said. Grayson in trying to tie the health care debate to the holocaust demeans and belittles the 6 million Jews killed during the “real” holocaust.
Man up Alan and give the millions of us that are Republican's an apology. Funny when the democrats use inflammatory rhetoric and throw around words like holocaust and killing to put down the other party all we see are smug smiles from the democratic leadership with no apologies.

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