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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let's fly to Cuba!

I used to be outraged when I was younger over the old Soviet Union who denied their citizens the ability to travel outside their country. A government should not be able to tell their own citizens where they can and cannot go. Freedom to travel I believe is a fundamental right of everyone.
In this day and age I cannot believe the United States restricts Americans from going to Cuba. Want to go to North Korea, China, or Iran? No problem. How about the tiny island nation of Cuba laying 90 miles off the cost of Florida? Don't even think about it.
Actually people do think about it and Americans that are determined to see Cuba usually go through Mexico or Canada. Once in Cuba immigration there will look at your passport and see your an American and usually won't stamp your passport so you don't get in trouble when you return to the United States.
The don't go to Cuba restrictions were put in place back in 1963. Maybe, just maybe someone in the government here can wake up and realize that these restrictions that deny Americans the right to travel to Cuba haven't worked in ending the communist rule there. All they have done with this policy has made us a joke in the eyes of Canadians and Europeans who have the freedom to travel and enjoy what Cuba has to offer.
I resent our government restricting my freedom. Cuba may not be everyone's cup of tea but those that would like to travel there, then why not?
There is a bill called “Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act” that was introduced to to congress in February 2009. It was read twice then referred to the Committee on Foreign Relations. I doubt its going anywhere.
To the critics that want to continue this ban because of Cuba's suppression of its people I say so what? If we would put a ban on every country that suppressed their own people then half the world would be off limits to us.
Right now Cuba's government routinely blames the American embargo and travel restrictions as reasons why their economy is failing. What excuses would Cuba's government give to their people if we ended the embargo and travel restrictions?

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