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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Terry Jones may be a Idiot but actions reveal a double standard

While listening to a NPR program on Terry Jones' plan to burn Qurans on the anniversary of 9/11 I was struck by what a double standard there is between how we view Muslims and how they view us.
Of course this is a hair brained idea by Jones but that is all it is. Can anyone imagine this story getting the publicity if Muslims would burn Bibles? The majority of the public in the United States would say ho-hum what else is new? We have to only think of the fire storm and the deaths (mostly Muslims killing other Muslims when they perceived a offensive cartoon by a Danish cartoonist) to remember the mind boggling thinking process of those that embrace radical Islam.
Another issue non-Muslims have trouble wrapping their minds around is the idea that only a tiny segment of Muslims are radical and the majority want peace and are not inclined to radical Islam. This may be true but I can't help remembering images on tv world wide of Muslims celebrating on the streets and passing out candy and cheering on 9/11 when the towers fell.
Does anyone believe there would be people running through the streets in America and cheering and celebrating if American's in the name of Christianity flew a plane into buildings in Muslim cities in the Middle East?
As I write this I'm hearing on the radio people in the United States
organizing “Buy A Quran Day” and buying five Qurans for every one burned and organizing protests at the site of the burning. I then have been bombarded by tv and radio informing me how Americans abroad need to go down into a security lock down because of reprisals that will be inflicted upon themselves by Muslims offended by Terry Jones actions. More then likely these reprisals would take the form of death by those that disagree with what Jones is doing.
Again I wonder if there would be a “Buy a Bible Day” and protests and government warnings of Middle East governments of reprisals if the situation was reversed. I think not.
Terry Jones is a idiot but those that use this to cause death and anarchy in the name of Islam are also idiots and are little more then petty thugs that want to will their ideology on other Muslims. Oh, another thought to remember is if your not “their type of Muslim” then you better watch your backs also. Your the the same as a infidel. Not fit to live unless you agree with their thoughts on how a proper Muslim should live. Look at the different sects killing each other off in the Middle East right now with the excuses that each other are not “real” Muslims.
There is alot of informed, hateful people out there. Time to go down in lock down mode now.

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