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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rape case on Notre Dame Campus?

I came across a interesting article concerning two Notre Dame students in the South Bend Tribune Aug 28th 2009. Patrick Augustyn age 20 was accused of raping an intoxicated female student in his room. Maybe he did or maybe he didn't but just by reading the story in the South Bend Tribune I found it ridicules he was ever arrested. I'm not trying to make light of rape but just basing my opinion on what was in the newspaper story. You decide.
Police were called to investigate a partially dressed intoxicated female student sleeping in the hall of a men's dorm. The shirt she was wearing happened to belong to Augustyn. Hmmm. When the police found Augustyn in his room he admitted the two had met at a party and “hooked up”. I would guess that they were both drinking and “hooking up” and having sex I think is not too uncommon for young people especially when alcohol is involved.
Oh oh the intoxicated female student who had a alcohol content of .13 said she doesn't remember much of what went on that night and would never have consented to have sex with him. She probably doesn't remember much of what went on that night but then again if I was found passed out half naked in a dorm hall I think I would have said the same thing. I don't remember much.
So I guess if Augustyn didn't freely admit he had sex with her then everything would have been ok since she didn't remember anything. I wonder why then he freely admitted to having sex with her if he knew it was rape.
What I have never understood is when you have two people of opposite sexes drinking only one person is held responsible for their actions. The Man. I understand if she was passed out and he forced herself on her. Yes I see that as rape but if she gets so drunk and consents to sex then later says she would have never have consented to sex I don't see that as the same thing. I guess I just see it as a responsibility issue. I like most people have done a lot of things that I have regretted after drinking.
I also don't know too many rapists who give their victims a shirt after raping them.
His plea deadline date is set for Oct. 23 and tentative trial date Jan,. 25th.

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