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Monday, September 28, 2009

Navy Sub Killer Idea

So the United States Navy wants both sexes on Subs. Great idea. Where else in the world would you think it would be a good idea to have 150 people of opposite sexes in the same space as a three bedroom house? Throw in months at sea with most of that time underwater and the stress of very long days and the worry of enemy action and you have a boiling pot ready to spill over.
As a former Marine stationed on both Marine and Navy bases there were always one or two major cases involving sexual harassment or perceived sexual harassment, adultery, or improper relationships such as higher ranks dating lower ranking personal. Does this make our military look bad? Of course not. I don't care how much discipline you have human nature will always win.
Another worry that critics stress is the big disparity of retention rates for females versus males in the Navy. Males are much more likely to reenlist then females and since the submarine force is relatively small (3,600 officers and 16,000 enlisted) this could lead to gaps in the submarine personal force.
Besides the lower retention rates the Navy already allows female sailors a year on land after the birth of a baby. Imagine having 50% of sub personal being female who have a much lower retention rates and pregnancy issues that can put them on land for a year and you would see the already small personal submarine force at risk of being seriously undermanned (no pun intended). Then on top of those issues you have the passion and friction of opposite sexes in very small quarters under stressful conditions.
Adm. Mike Mullen chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is giving this idea a ringing endorsement. I wonder who under his chain of command will tell him this idea is absolutely nuts?
I'm sure most liberals would consider me a sexist and would bellow that this is discrimination. In my defense I would reply let common sense prevail and don't undermine the military in protecting our country.

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