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Saturday, September 26, 2009

G20 protesters or Taliban in Disguise?

I think the G-20 protesters in Pittsburgh this past September have much more in common with the taliban then the average man in the street. Consider this: You have self-described anarchists wearing dark clothes and bandannas carrying black flags and smashing windows of businesses and shouting slogans such as “No hope in Capitalism” while banging on drums and throwing rocks.
What do these people want? What do the Taliban want? They both seem to hate Western governments, have no use for structure in peoples lives and they both have as many “causes” as their fanatics can come up with to justify their behavior.
The Taliban on any given day tells us that they justify their actions because there against democracy, women's rights, Christians, infidels on Muslim land, against certain other kind of Muslims, the list goes on. Now we have the so called self -described G20 anarchists. They want to abolish capitalism (like the Taliban wishes), rejection of corporate subsidies, global warming, different types of child-labor laws, no more corporate bailouts and African debt relief among other far ranging causes that they use to justify their anarchy.
I'm not exactly for corporate bailouts either but a lot of these G20 protesters
profess they are for the poor people, the small guy. Where do they think these low to middle income people will be once businesses like GM and Chrysler close down? Then you have the trickle down effect of people making minimum wage that supply parts to these companies and other surrounding businesses who cater to the employees of these companies such as the restaurants, mom and pop stores and such. Do they consider where these people will be without the bailouts?
What is also interesting is how they can justify African debt relief but not corporate bailouts. They want to bailout a African system that has fostered corruption, war, greed and human slave trade on its own people year after year. Isn't that what enablers do? Lets do away with their debt to help prop up these corrupt power systems in Africa.
These G20 protesters need to get a life and if they want to help mankind then go find a good charity where they can donate their own money and leave the world's problems to the mostly elected officials voted in by their own population, the common man, of the G20.

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