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Monday, January 18, 2010

United States Says No To Poker

Anyone up for a game of poker? The United States government answer is no. Online internet poker is not only allowed in just about every country in the world but most governments sponsor or regulate online poker and other games.
The United States has lost numerous suits brought against it through the World Trade Organization that accuses the United States of discriminating against online gambling offered by other countries.
The United States argument is that they can refuse products or services that are not socially accepted in society. The WTO ruled that the United States allows online betting on horse racing within the United States but is blocking other forms of regulated gambling outside of the United States.
Sounds like protectionism. This is the same government that lets you go down to your local 7-11 and buy a $20.00 scratch off ticket and has lotto's that finance almost every state government with mind boggling odds. What is the government really afraid of?
Sad to say it seems Republicans are leading this movement.
Being a Republican I just don't get it. I grew up learning that being a Republican meant less government in your life but this is the same party that comes into your house and tells you that you cannot play poker online with money you yourself have earned. A little off the subject but isn't this the same party that has tried to censor broadcast stations for content they deem could be offensive to the public? Talk about Government intruding into your personal life.
Poker unlike other forms of gambling is mostly a game of skill. Those that know the game more or less in the long run win the money. Sooner or later the United States Government will regulate and make it legal to gamble online and when they do the benefits of increased taxes will put smiles on their faces.
Until then you can gamble online under a set of murky laws put in place by the government or you can legally buy as many $20.00 scratch off tickets as you want or get online and do a little bet of horse racing.
Both of these make enormous sums of money for the government but to tell you the truth are just bad bets. If your good at poker then your odds have greatly increased but until the government here does the right thing your out of luck.

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